XS-10 100W construction kit


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Product description

XS-10 100 W Subwoofer construction kit

The XS-10 is an affordable but high quality subwoofer for those who appreciate good sound reproduction. It uses a 10 "SLS-10 subwoofer element manufactured by Peerless. It is ideal for use in a closed housing. Its voice coil is 39 mm in diameter and has a stroke length of +/- 8 mm. The voice coil is also cooled. The element is designed for use in 40-60 liters in an enclosed housing. In the XS-10 100w kit, the amplifier module is the HT-Ampin 200.1 with good adjustments to match the bass to other speakers.

The model housing has an internal volume of about 60 liters, so that the QTC value of the tuning is 0.699. The housing can also be made slightly smaller, mainly reducing the housing raises the lower limit frequency. The case should be made as sturdy as possible and the case should be filled with polyester cotton. The XS1 is a good quality subwoofer that is ideal for smaller rooms and apartment buildings. It disappears at the available sound pressure in reflex-tuned enclosures, but it has a high level of sound quality.

The set includes the following parts for one (1 piece) speaker:

  • HT-Amp 200.1 amplifier module
  • Peerless SLS-10 (830668)
  • screws
  • wires
  • gaskets

Housing dimensions:

  • The internal volume of the case is approx. 60 liters

Example case

  • External dimensions (W x H x D) 415 x 415 x 510 mm
  • Material 18-22 mm, front plate 25 mm
  • The amplifier must be separated from the bass partition by a partition. The amplifier must not be used unless it is attached to the housing!

We recommend ASPA damping material as the damping material.

Amount of cotton wool required for the housing according to the housing drawings: 750 g



If you do not want to make the case yourself, you can order it ready-made. The pattern wood makes speaker cases from MDF or glulam according to the customer's wishes. The selection includes almost all the building kits sold by Hifitalo, and if necessary, you can also submit the speaker drawings yourself. See the link below for more information and prices.

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