Screenint Canaletto Wrap Around 90" Screen 16:9

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Product description

? Canaletto Wrap Around is a stylish solution for fixed screen installations for business and home theater use. This novelty product is based on the fastening of the fabric in such a way that there are no visible fabric frames at all. This produces a neat and stylish result that combines the best possible image quality.

  • Frame fabric without transparent frames! 
  • The total dimensions of the fabric are the same as those of the image area.
  • Kuva ala: 200 x 112 cm
  • Total depth 33mm including wall brackets.
  • The wall brackets do not appear when the fabric is mounted on the wall.
  • Fire retined White fabric material (gain 1.2) M1, M2 and B1
  • Short Throw is only suitable for frame fabric or TabTension.
  • 4k and Full HD compatible


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