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Product description

Dibolis subwoofer pair suitable for the MB-CXD series.

There is a wide range of different subwoofers on the market at different prices. They have the desired level of bass component complement for many speakers. However, there are a few reasons why you should use a subwoofer specifically designed for them with the MBCXD and CXD2 speakers. Since the MB-CXD speakers operate as a dipole in the lowest sound ranges, it makes sense to use a similar structure at low frequencies for consistency of playback.

The standing waves generated by the dipole in the room are smaller because it does not emit sound in the vertical or transverse direction. Therefore, playback of a dipole bass is usually more accurate than that of an encapsulated subwoofer.

When the bass part is made only for a specific speaker, it can be dimensioned precisely for its characteristics. Adjustments are not required at all on such a large scale and the amplifier can be omitted. However, the sensitivity and crossover frequency can be fine-tuned by changing component values as needed.

The MB-DB-P consists of two open cases or plates, each of which is fitted with an SLS-12 element made by Peerles. The dimensions of the disc are 400 x 400 miles and the frame behind the disc keeps the case upright. The subwoofers are to be connected alongside the main speakers, one to the left and one to the right channel. Subwoofers can be placed next to the main speakers, placing them close to the side wall slightly increases the level of the low frequencies. It is advantageous that the distance to the rear wall is about 1.5 meters. The closer rear wall reduces the bass level. If it is not possible to get the distance to the back wall, then a working result can be achieved by placing them on the back wall and turning the speaker almost transversely, the element sideways.

The easiest way to adjust the bass is to change the value of the crossover filter capacitor and resistor. Phasing also affects the end result and is best overcome by experimentation. In most cases, the best result is obtained when the phase of the subwoofer is opposite to that of the main speakers. The MB-DB-P is at its best when listening to music at reasonable volumes. Due to the dipole structure, its sound pressure resources are not sufficient to reproduce more powerful low-frequency film effects. In this case, it makes sense to use an encapsulated subwoofer. Combined with the MB-CXD speaker, the dipolis subwoofer delivers very high quality bass reproduction and an incredibly great listening experience.

The set includes:
Peerless SLS-12 (830669) x 2 pcs
Filter parts, speaker screws and K30 pole screws 4 pieces


If you do not want to make the case yourself, you can order it ready-made. The pattern wood makes speaker cases from MDF or glulam according to the customer's wishes. The selection includes almost all the building kits sold by Hifitalo, and if necessary, you can also submit the speaker drawings yourself. See the link below for more information and prices.

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