HT-Amp 600.1 subwoofer amplifier


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"Loistava palvelu ja tietämys asioista." - Pertti R.

"Suosittelen lämpimästi." - Leevi H.

Product description

Class D high efficiency active subwoofer amplifier.
Great choice for an active bass builder or a replacement for an old amplifier. A more powerful 1000.1 model is also available!

AV Plus Magazine 6/2017: " HT-Amp amplifier modules are an affordable option for the do-it-yourself enthusiast who designs both a smaller and a large active subwoofer." Read the article here.

Power RMS / 4ohm: 300W (360 Plus for AV Plus measurements)
Power MAX / 4ohm: 600W
Power consumption in StandBy mode: <0.5W @
Adjustable low-pass filter 40-200Hz
Fixed Subsonic 25Hz
The device has a fixed + 3dB emphasis between 35-40hz
Level adjustment
Stepless phase reversal 0-180
Automatic On / Off
Line Input (RCA)
Line Out (RCA)
Speaker level input
Input sensitivity RCA: 210mV / 50Hz
Input sensitivity at speaker level: 4.0V / 50Hz
External dimensions: height 188 x width 255mm
Mounting hole size: height 168 x width 235mm
Weight: 1.4kg

NOTE! Do not connect a load of less than 4ohm to the device.

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