Audiokit XP3 12 "300W construction set


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"Loistava palvelu ja tietämys asioista." - Pertti R.

"Suosittelen lämpimästi." - Leevi H.

Product description

SUB XP3 Alu. The high-quality and compact subwoofer with passive radiator XP3 Alu is a modified version of the X3 Alu model. Instead of reflex tuning, tuning is done using a passive radiator. The radiator, called "slave bass," is otherwise similar to the bass element itself, but has no magnet or voice coil. In principle, a subwoofer implemented with a passive radiator works in the same way as a traditional reflex housing implemented with a tube. The excitation frequency of the housing is controlled by the mass of the cone of the passive radiator, while in the reflex housing the same thing is done by adjusting the length of the tube. What benefit, then, is achieved with a passive radiator? Necessarily usually nothing, often normal reflex tuning makes more sense in implementation. But in the case of XXLS elements with different Peerless parameters, the passive radiator achieves certain advantages, the most important of which is the very small housing size. XXLS would work even in a small reflex housing, but the problem is to achieve a sufficiently low excitation with a tube long enough and large enough in diameter. Especially if the goal is also low-level playback.

With a passive radiator, the tuning is sufficiently low even in a small housing. In addition, the flow sounds from the tube are no longer disturbing, a fact that is useful when listening to a lot of low-frequency material such as organ music or action movie explosions. In the model case, we used a 40-liter case. However, in order to achieve a good result, the housing should be made of a material of sufficient thickness. The example case is made of 30 millimeter MDF board. The amplifier is an active module based on HT-Amp's Class D technology and was placed in its own chamber separated by a partition on the back wall of the housing. The elements were placed on the sides of the housing. In addition, two intermediate bulkheads were made inside the housing by milling a large round hole in the 12 mm plate and immersing the remaining bulkheads in the grooves in the inner plate of the housing. The bulkheads were positioned so that the opening was located between the elements. The case thus became very sturdy. We also added extra lead weight to the case. The weight is 6 pounds. XP3 Alu has a very high level of performance. Despite its small size, playback reaches 20 Hz. The sound quality is amazingly accurate and the sound pressure reserve is also sufficient for home theater use.

For the kit, you can select the desired amplifier from two different HT-Amp D-class active modules. The HT-Amp 600.1 gives a continuous power of 300w, while the 1000.1 powers are 500w / rms. The smaller amplifier is used sparingly in smaller spaces. When you want to get the most out of the element, we definitely recommend the more robust 500w model! (NOTE! HT-Amp fixed 25Hz subsonic)

The XXLS-12 requires a lot. Because the cone is heavy, the current carrying capacity of the amplifier must be good. The X3 Alu model has an HT-Amp amplifier module that meets the requirements very well. Its current carrying capacity is excellent and the filters work as designed. The X3 Alu frequency response extends to 20 Hz. It is a subwoofer that meets the needs of even the most demanding enthusiast in terms of sound quality. X3 Alu is suitable for both movie sound and music playback.

The set includes the following parts for one (1 piece) speaker:

  • HT-Amp 600.1 amplifier module
  • Peerless XXLS-12 Aluminum 835017 element
  • Peerless XLS-12 passive radiator
  • screws
  • wires
  • gaskets

We recommend ASPA damping material as the damping material.

Housing dimensions:
- The internal volume of the bass part of the case is approx. 40 liters
- External dimensions of the sample housing
(LxWxH) 440 x 440 x 440 mm
- Material 30 mm.
- Separate the amplifier from the bass partition.


If you do not want to make the case yourself, you can order it ready-made. The pattern wood makes speaker cases from MDF or glulam according to the customer's wishes. The selection includes almost all the building kits sold by Hifitalo, and if necessary, you can also submit the speaker drawings yourself. See the link below for more information and prices.

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