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Building speakers

Place speakers in a room

Read the instructions on how to place your speakers correctly in the room here


Broken elements

  • For a list of the most common replacement elements, see HERE


Autosubwoofer case counter

For autosubwoofer cases, we have developed a handy case counter. By entering the desired litre volume, the size of the element you are using, and the material package, you will receive a suggestion of the dimensions of the case.

Note! The counter ignores the space displaced by the element!

Autosubwoofer housing counter

Autosubwoofer's buying guide


Power cable dimensioning

We have developed an easy-to-use tool to choose a power cable to help. By entering the cable length and amplifier power, the program indicates the size of the recommended power cable.

Power cable counter

Subwoofer switching examples

Illustrative switching examples allow you to connect your subwoofer element to the most suitable load for your amplifier.

Subwoofer coupling


Basics of desktop hif

Learn about the starting points for diving deeper into the world of headphones with the basics of headset.

Player soundscape

Read basic information about what players should consider when it comes to the first "real" headphones and amplifier: the player's soundscape

What is subwoofer?

In the subbari article, we go through the basics of subwoofers

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