Subwoofer Meaning In Audio Playback

Today, a subwoofer, or more familiarly a subwoofer, is an essential part of quality sound reproduction. Although the sub-bar is almost standard equipment today, sub-bars were not actively used until the 1970s, and dedicated audio tracks did not begin to appear until the 1990s, with the proliferation of CDs.

The first subwoofers were introduced in movie theaters

To get the vibration and feel of movies, big movie houses started installing subwoofer equipment in movie theaters to get more effects on movies and improve their sales. 1990 With the proliferation of CDs, subwoofers also began to sell. In the beginning, sales were more of a chore for hi-fi enthusiasts but today almost all home theater systems include at least one subwoofer. The most popular home theaters are 5.1 systems, ie 5 speakers and 1 subwoofer.

Subwoofer Elements can be found everywhere today

Various bass enhancements have been introduced in all higher-end speakers.

A good specialty is the Polk Audio T15 speakers or the Chorus Compact 662 White Diamond speakers, which are high quality but inexpensive speakers. A speaker enclosure is a reflex enclosure or subwoofer enclosure that enhances subwoofers. Really specialized systems for improving subwoofers have also appeared in home audio, home theaters with 2 or even 4 subbars are no longer so rare. In most cases, one benign subbar does the trick, such as the Polk Audio HTS 10 Active Subwoofer . A versatile subwoofer with a built-in amplifier creates deep bass sound and can be used to directly adjust both volume and low pass.

In premium cars, a subwoofer is standard

In inexpensive cars, the subbar is usually not included in the car. More expensive cars like the Audit, Bmw and Mercedes have started incorporating a subwoofer as part of high-quality sound reproduction from mid-range models. When designing cars, consider a place for a reflex housing or subwoofer as part of the car’s design. Even more expensive models like the audi A5 or A7 offer an enhanced sound option with names like JBL, Harman / Kardon and Bang & Olufsen.

The image above illustrates well how much car audio has been thought of in more expensive models. This image is an illustration of the Bang & Olufsen sound system. If the purchase of a new car or at least a more expensive price range is not topical, you can increase the volume with the Car Subwoofer package .

The right hi-fi system is one that meets your own needs

Keep in mind, however, that good sound reproduction means a balance between treble, midrange, and bass. Our experts are able to guide you on how to build a clear and high-quality sound world for your home or car.

Even if a guy has a 3000W system in his car, that doesn’t mean he himself should be at least similar. Both the car and the home need equipment that meets their own needs. A large living room may need more power, in a small living room it may go to waste. The same principles apply to cars. Power also does not mean quality, high quality sound can be achieved with inexpensive but high quality elements. In sound reproduction, a higher price usually correlates with better quality, although a higher price can also correlate with higher Korean power, which is not always needed.

At Hifitalo, we have several experts who help you choose the best products within your budget. This way, you can make sure you get the best value for your money.