Car player adapters

The adapters of the players, ie the mounting frames, make it possible to install a new Car HiFi car player instead of the factory-installed one. The players comply with 1DIN and 2DIN standards, i.e. in simplified "narrow" and "wide" sizes. In general, the 2DIN size already accommodates a touch screen and more versatile features such as Android Auto and Apple Carplay.

Prices for 2DIN players range from a hundred to over a thousand euros and are real Car HiFi products. As the price goes up, the features improve and the best models already have a built-in navigation system with GPS and, for example, TomTom navigation guidance. With the right adapters, this already allows for a really high quality experience in the car.

1DIN players have far fewer features and prices typically range from a few dozen to a few hundred. Today, every car player has Bluetooth capability, but a CD player is starting to become a rarity. Fewer and fewer people need it and that is why manufacturers have started removing it. It allows for one less mechanical and breakable component for less and provides more space in the car player for the manufacturer.

Car player adapters

Speaker adapters

With speaker adapters, it is possible to install (usually better) aftermarket speakers instead of factory-installed ones. In general, any sizes cannot be installed unobtrusively with new adapters, but the adapters are car brand, model and year specific. In our hi-fi shop, however, these suitable options are well described, which means that you can find which adapters are suitable for which car.

Car speaker adapters

Steering wheel remote control adapters

The steering wheel buttons that control the car stereo, i.e. the steering wheel remote control, need an adapter to turn the factory steering wheel signals into a more universal format that a standard car stereo can understand. The steering wheel remote control adapter is thus a small jar that contains a lot of wires that are connected to the back of the player.

Steering wheel remote control adapters

The perfect installation kit

The complete installation kit already includes all of the above products, adapted to the car make, model and year.


Car brands, brand-specific products

Listed below are the car brands for which we can find suitable adapters.


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