Black Friday donations


Even though there are stubborn capitalists, 2020 has been such a vague go-ahead that it was decided to support those who have suffered from these strange times. We support Hope - Together & Commonly by donating part of the proceeds of orders placed during Black Friday to them . Hope distributes concrete clothing and merchandise donations to low-income and crisis-stricken families, as well as hobby support and leisure experiences for children and young people. Last year, Metallica donated € 55,000 to them while visiting Hämeenlinna.

In addition to this, we ask our customers for donations to our store (Salitunkatu 3, Salo) 4.12. by. If you have baby clothes, goods and toys in good condition, clean and unnecessary for your own family, bring them to us and we will pass them on. Donations should be neat, intact and timely so that the child can feel equal among their peers.

If you want to help Hope ry, you can read more from their link on their website.


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