What is the best car subwoofer?

When talking about improving the car's sound reproduction, many people first think of the lowest frequencies - i.e. the subwoofer. There are certain rules when choosing a bass speaker, which you can follow to get a better result. We have collected a subwoofer buying guide from these points.

Due to its size, the car is a relatively compact environment, which causes restrictions on the size of the speakers used. Due to their physical size, small speakers are not able to effectively reproduce low frequencies. Upgrading the original speakers to a new car improves the sound quality, but even the best speakers can't save poorly repeating low sounds. The easiest and most popular way to improve the car's bass is to install a subwoofer in the car.

What is meant by car subwoofer

We talk about car subwoofers in general in our article "what is a car subwoofer?".

A subwoofer, or more familiarly, a subwoofer, is an important part of a car's sound reproduction. Subwoofers
can be divided into two categories: Active and passive. Active and passive subwoofers differ somewhat in their characteristics.

Active subwoofer

  • The speaker box has a built-in amplifier
  • An active subwoofer can be connected directly to a sound source
  • Available pre-encased
  • Easy to install
  • Typically small and light
  • The speaker cannot be customized for each car

Musway active subwoofer SUB1

Passive subwoofer

  • Generally stronger bass than active subwoofers
  • Divided into loose elements and enclosed subwoofers
  • Loose elements enable car-specific customization
  • Enclosure subwoofers are equivalent to active subwoofers, but are available in a larger size

Focal 10" subwoofer

What kind of subwoofer should you get for your car?

There are plenty of car subwoofers available on the market, from which you can choose the one that suits your needs. As a rule, there are five different approaches to purchasing a subwoofer:

  1. Building a personalized sound system yourself. In this case, one or more subwoofer elements are purchased, which are typically between 8" and 15" inches in size. The most common size is 10" subwoofer which most of our customers acquire. In addition to the element, a suitable case and an amplifier are required. The amplifier is selected in such a way that it fits both the instrument in use and the new element that produces sub-tones. Impedance, the number of coils, and the suitability of the cables should be carefully considered. If you are not familiar with the topic, you should ask an expert for help.
  2. Ready to install of an enclosed subwoofer acquisition. The woofer is installed in place and connected to the amplifier. Such options are available from several manufacturers. The range varies between brands and case types.
  3. Purchase of a simple active subwoofer. In an active subwoofer everything from the element to the amplifier and the case is built in. The device is attached to the car and the wires are connected.
  4. Purchase of a brand-specific subwoofer suitable for your car model. The selected product is typically a package with everything you need - just add installation. The subwoofer fits seamlessly into the interior of the car.
  5. Subwoofer package purchase already built and installed. This is the easiest option for improving sound reproduction without getting familiar with terms and products.

What does a subwoofer package mean?

The subwoofer package is a pre-thought-out combination in which an expert has defined a suitable device combination for you. The subwoofer bass package refers to a combination that includes a subwoofer suitable for the car and an amplifier. This is an excellent, easy and carefree option for the consumer who is not interested in getting to know the soul of the amplifier and subwoofer.

Choosing a suitable subwoofer and amplifier for the car requires some expertise, because a subwoofer amplifier that is too low-powered is not enough to supply enough power to the speaker, while one that is too powerful can at worst break the entire subwoofer element. However, if you are interested in building the sound reproduction yourself, check out our selection of individual subwoofers.

In Hifitalo's selection, you can find both manufacturers' own subwoofer bass packages, as well as our chosen and proven combinations. When you get a ready-made subwoofer set recommended by Hifitalo, you get a high-quality package that meets your needs. Purchases made as a package are often more affordable than separate devices. If you need help choosing a suitable package, ask our experts for more information.

What is included in the subwoofer package?

Hifitalo's selection includes various high-quality packages for every need and musical taste. Depending on the package, it can contain only the car's subwoofer speaker element and the amplifier, or in addition to these, also the case and the necessary installation accessories.

When you buy a ready-made subwoofer package, you can trust that the element, enclosure and amplifier fit seamlessly together. Some packages also come with a suitable installation kit, which typically includes power cables, a fuse holder, a fuse and an excitation wire. Regardless of whether you are looking for maximum sound pressure or high-quality sound, the selection covers both options.

Inside Autosubbar

Like new cars, the subwoofer also required a proper break-in. This will come as new information to many subwoofer buyers. In addition to better sound quality, correct break-in significantly extends the life of the element. The purpose of the break-in is literally to break in the elements and especially to bend the lower suspension of the element into usable condition. After running in the subwoofer, the element produces more and cleaner sub-sounds. And best of all, with lower power consumption.

A good way to break in a subwoofer is to listen to it at medium levels for a few weeks. Different elements have different break-in times, the time depends on the stiffness of the coils. The stiffer the elements, the more run-in is required. Depending on the element, the break-in time is 10-20 hours, so in practice this means about a couple of weeks of use. After a typical run-in, it is noticed that the sound level has increased so that the power of the amplifier can be reduced. In no case should you start playing a newly installed element at maximum volume, as the worst result could be tearing of the suspensions. The bottom padding in particular is stiff and tearing is quite likely.

Use contrary to the instructions will break the element, and the warranty unfortunately does not cover these cases. Use contrary to the instructions is easy to detect during the warranty inspection, and the manufacturer usually does not meet in such cases. Ask us for advice if you are unsure about driving in.

Subwoofer package for your car from Hifitalo

In our online store, you can find plenty of high-quality subwoofers in several different price categories. Our selection includes the following popular brands

The subwoofer set is an excellent way for those new to the field to improve the low sounds, which are critical in terms of high-quality sound reproduction, as it is enough to fit the housing in your car and know how to connect the wires correctly.Read easy instructions for the right subwoofer connection. If you need help finding the right car subwoofer package, feel free to contact our customer service.