Are you wondering how to replace the player in your car for the first time? Below we have compiled the most important things to consider when installing a car hi-fi.

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We docar hi-fi installations at our own installation shop and car stereo replacements are a routine procedure for Hifitalo. Contact us and we will tell you more about the services.

Features of the player

The original player installed in the car may have limited features. The reason for this may be the manufacturer's desire to save on production costs, or time has passed for your beloved car radio. Modern technology knows inventions that were not known about in ancient history (10 years ago 🤓 ).

The first thing to find out: What size player can be installed in the car. In practice, there are two options: 1DIN and 2DIN. To make it not so simple: There are players whose installation size is 1DIN, but the touch screen of the player is much larger than this size. If you end up investing in such a car stereo, you should note that the display does not interfere with the use of the car's dashboard controls.

Distinction from a 1DIN player

1din car stereo alpine


An example of a 2DIN player

2din size car stereo from alpine


Technical characteristics of different car stereos

Another important thing to note is that when looking for a new player, it is probably necessary to use a feature that has not been used before.

Nowadays, musical instruments have many features that help users and which were not necessarily found in them before, such as:

  • The AUX connection of the car stereo, i.e. a standard stereo plug with which you can, for example, connect the phone to the car stereo.
  • The player's Bluetooth receiver, with which you can wirelessly stream music from your phone
  • Android Auto, brings certain apps from the phone to the car for use on the player's screen, such as Spotify and Google Maps
  • Apple Carplay, same as Android Auto, but for Apple products
  • Navigator, built-in navigation may not be so useful anymore when Android Auto and Apple Carplay bring the same and even more

In addition to the size and various features, there are instruments made for a specific brand and model for which car models, which is by far the easiest option with the most features.Car-specific instruments are then fully integrated into the car's system, and none of the car's original features remain unused, they are simply improved. These instruments are often significantly more expensive, but still often more affordable than the original marble counter instruments.

Instrument adapters

When installing a car stereo, several different adapters are needed, depending on how complicated the car happens to be. Usually, the adapters are specific to the car brand, model, and year, BUT then there may be cases where no one knows for sure which adapter fits, because there may have been several different installations from the factory. In these cases, you should rely on our customer service, and either we will find the answer directly, or we will sort it out for you.

Mounting frame

The instrument frame is a decorative strip-like plastic fitting between the instrument itself and the car's dashboard, which is used to adjust the size difference between the original instrument and the standard-sized instrument so that there are no gaps in between.

volkswagen player frame

Cable set, i.e. ISO adapter

The car wiring harness connects the player to the car's own wiring without having to know anything other than reading the instructions and connecting the right plugs together. The wiring harness is usually needed for cars without steering wheel buttons, or if for some reason you don't want to use the steering wheel buttons anymore and you want to save money. Wire sets are much cheaper than steering wheel remote control adapters, which also make the steering wheel buttons work.

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car specific wiring harness for renalt

Steering wheel adapter

The steering wheel remote control adapters speak their own language in the CAN bus, which must be converted to a more standard direction so that the car stereo can also understand it. With the steering wheel adapter, you can make the steering wheel buttons remain functional even if you change the player to a new one.

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steering wheel remote control adapter for Opel Insignia

Antenna adapter

When changing the player, an antenna adapter may be needed. This depends on the car's antenna system. At best, an adapter is a block of a few euros that changes one type of connector to another. In the worst case, the adapter is a complicated double antenna system adapter with a power supply unit connected to the car's antenna amplifier. If you are concerned, our expert customer service will be happy to help.

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car stereo antenna adapter Hyundai and Kia

Complete installation kit

In some cases, it has been possible to put together a ready-made package with all the necessary fittings for the car stereo replacement job. Then all you have to do is find the right putty that fits the car, and you don't need to think separately about everything needed for installation. Some crystals also come with a release iron, which allows you to easily remove the original instrument.

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installation kit for installing a car stereo in a Ford

Necessary tools

In addition to a screwdriver, a typical car hi-fi installation requires some special tools. Such might be, for example, different release irons. Factory-installed instruments use special fastening mechanisms, and it is not possible to remove them without a model-specific tool.

If the car's upholstery is removed during speaker installation, a few different upholstery removal tools are needed. Disassembling the upholstery or panel without them may break the fastener. If you do installations often, investing in removal tools makes sense. Be careful and use only moderate force when removing parts.

We have a set of tools useful for changing the instrument it's okay tool kit for removing car door panels and plastic parts.

Car hifi installation services

If you don't want to install the player yourself, you can take advantage of our professional car hifi installation service. When you outsource the installation to Hifitalo, you ensure that you get all the necessary cables, connectors and adapters from one place, at one time. For the agreed price. Easily, reliably and quickly.