Are you wondering for the first time how to replace the player in your car? We gathered the most important things to consider here. We also do car hi-fi installations ourselves in our own workshop, and replacing car players is quite a simple procedure for us. Contact us so we can tell you more about our services!

Player features

The original player installed in the car may have limited features due to the manufacturer's desire to save money, or time has already passed the beloved car radio and today all the new wonders can be found, something that was not known in ancient history (10 years ago).

The first important thing to know is that what size player can be installed in the car (without a rattlesnake). There are practically two different installation sizes: 1DIN and 2DIN. To make things a little more complicated, there are also players with an installation size of 1DIN, but still with a much larger touch screen than this size. If you end up with such a player, then you should be aware that there are no important buttons or controls left behind the screen that would be difficult to touch because of the large screen.

Special mark for 1DIN player

1din car player alpine

Example of a 2DIN player

2d car player from alpine

Technical features of various car players

Another important point to note is that when looking for a new player, it is probably necessary to introduce a feature that has not been used before.

Today, players have a lot of features that help users and may not have been found in them before, such as:

  • AUX connection for the car stereo, ie a standard stereo plug with which you can, for example, connect the phone to the car stereo.
  • The player's Bluetooth receiver for streaming music wirelessly from your phone
  • Android Auto, brings certain apps from your phone to your car for use on the player screen, such as Spotify and Google Maps
  • Apple Carplay, the same as Android Auto, but for Apple products
  • Navigator, built-in navigation may no longer be as useful as Android Auto and Apple Carplay bring the same and more

In addition to size and a variety of features, there are players made entirely for a particular make and model that are by far the easiest and most feature-rich option. The car-specific players will then be fully integrated into the car's system, and none of the car's original features will be left unused, but will only be improved. These instruments are often considerably more expensive, but still often less expensive than the original marble counter instruments.

Player adapters

Installing a car player requires several different adapters depending on how complicated the car happens to be. Usually the adapters are car make, model, and year specific, BUT then there may be cases where no one knows for sure which adapter is suitable because there may have been several differently installed installations from the factory. In these cases, you should rely on our customer service, so either we can find the answer directly, or we will sort it out for you.

Mounting frame

The instrument frame is a decorative plastic-like adapter between the player itself and the car's dashboard, which adjusts the size difference between the original player and the standard-sized player so that there are no gaps.

volkswagen music frame

Wiring harness, i.e. ISO adapter

The car wiring harness connects the player to the car's own wiring without having to know anything other than reading the instructions and connecting the right plugs. The wiring harness is usually needed for cars that do not have steering wheel buttons, or if for some reason you do not want to use the steering wheel buttons anymore and want to save money. Wiring harnesses are much cheaper than steering wheel remote control adapters, which in turn make steering wheel buttons work.

car-specific wiring harness for renalt

Wheel adapter

The steering wheel remote control adapters speak their own language on the CAN bus, which needs to be converted in the most standard direction for the car player to understand it as well. The steering wheel adapter therefore allows the steering wheel buttons to remain active even if you replace the player with a new one.

wheel remote control adapter for Opel Insignia

Antenna adapter

Depending on the car's antenna system, an antenna adapter is also really needed. It could be a block of a couple of euros that just changes the type of connector to another, or it could be a really complicated dual antenna system adapter with a power supply unit that connects to the car’s own antenna amplifier. This is where our knowledgeable customer service can best help.

car stereo antenna adapter Hyundai and Kia

Complete installation kit

In some cases, it has been possible to put together a ready-made package with all the necessary adapters for a car player replacement contract. Then all you have to do is find the right, car-friendly, putty, and you don't have to think about everything you need for the installation. Some crystals also come with detachable irons to get your old player out without swearing.

installation kit for car player installation in Ford

Necessary tools

In addition to the basic screwdrivers, you may also need to remove the player's irons. This is because the players were originally installed at the factory, with outwardly invisible mounting mechanisms behind small openings on the sides of the player. Another recommended thing is to use upholstery removal tools if you also plan to install new speakers, for example, or otherwise have to disassemble the car upholstery. They often save the trip to find a replacement panel when a small plastic ear breaks from one of the panels ...

Car Hi-Fi installation services

We also offer our own installation services , which saves the customer energy even for drinking beer on the weekend, when we take care of and take into account all the adaptations needed for the car and install the new player quickly and neatly.


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