• Replacement of speakers
  • Installation of amplifiers
  • Installation of a Bluetooth adapter or bluetooth player
  • Subwoofer installation
  • Custom installations
  • Wiring
  • Sound attenuation
  • Installation of a reversing camera

Our professional installation team does the installations for you - from basic installations to demanding exhibition implementations. Take contact then the sound reproduction solutions most suitable for your car will be mapped. A wide selection of instrument adapters, cable sets and speaker adapters suitable for different car models directly from the warehouse.

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Installation price list

Hourly billing 79€
Changing the player to the original location
1999 or older 74,90 €
2000-2009 149,90 €
2009 or later 224,90 €
Car amplifier wiring
1999 or older 224,90 €
2000-2009 299,90 €
2009 or later 374,90 €
Installation of the line transformer in connection with the installation of the amplifier 74,90 €
Audison BitTune hardware tuning 114,90 €
Installation of a pair of speakers in the original places
1999 or older 149,90 €
2000-2009 224,90 €
2009 or later 299,90 €
Door damping when changing the speaker 74,90 €
Moped cars
Changing the player to the original location 74,90 €
Sub wiring + strong. Installing the subwoofer in the housing 224,90 €


Message me, from the contact form or call 044 0553 595 and ask for more information or a more detailed offer for the entire car hi-fi installation.

As an example Focal Inside x BMW F30

The French manufacturer Focal is known for its home and car hi-fi products around the world. As the latest innovation, Focal has launched the Inside collection, which covers hundreds of models from different car manufacturers.

A good example of a slightly different sound reproduction is BMW. Since the beginning of the 2000s, BMW has used the following speaker placement solution in several of its models: tweeters in the mirror triangles, 3" widebands in the doors and bass elements under both seats. The models starting at the very prices do not have a treble in the mirror triangle at all, but the broadband in the door also handles high sounds. This is usually heard as a slightly muffled upper register reproduction, as well as an imprecise bass. All elements have non-standard frames. In such cases, the Focal Inside model series is an excellent option.

Example of Focal Inside speaker installation BMW 3 F30 2013 with BMW hi-fi equipment


  • Front doors: 1pc Focal IS BMW 100 L separate set
  • Underseat bass: 2 Focal ISUB BMW 2 subwoofers
  • Focal damping mat
  • Damping of the doors when changing speakers

The share of the installation work in the total costs is €598.80

What kind of value for money do you get?

The car is moved to a well-lit station, where the door panels of the front doors are removed, the mirror triangles are opened, and the seats are removed. The procedures may sound straightforward, but, for example, removing the door panels intact requires an understanding of the structure, the location of screws and fasteners, and opening several connectors in the door without breaking it. You also need the right tools to avoid breaking the door panel. Removing the seats is more laborious, but it's a task to expose the bass speakers located under the seats.

After the demolition work, damping of the doors is carried out. The inner panels of the door are carefully cleaned of grease and dirt, after which the damping mat is spread on the inner surface of the door. It is important to get the mat properly attached to the sheet, so that it does not come off over the years. After damping, the midrange and treble elements found in the door are replaced. The Focal Inside speakers have connectors that match the car's original connectors, which ensures a reliable connection of the new speakers. After carefully attaching the elements, it is ensured that the connections are functional and that the wires cannot resonate inside the door panel. Before installing the door panel, replace any broken fastening pins with new ones. The door cardboard is carefully put in place and it is ensured that there is no damage to the door structures during the fastening.

As mentioned earlier, replacing the bass speaker located under the seat is a bit more laborious, as the original speaker is often glued to the case on the floor of the car. The case must be removed from the car at first in order to remove the original element. When the element is detached, the mounting surface is cleaned of glue spills and the new element is attached to the housing with screws. The new elements with their housings are put in place, the connectors are connected and finally the seats are installed back into the car. If done carefully, it is a project of the day.

Car damping

Noise reduction not only improves sound reproduction, but is also a feature relevant to travel comfort. The damping significantly silences the driving noise carried into the car. The sounds of tires, engines and other traffic are reduced, which in turn improves travel comfort. Constant noise increases the load caused by driving a car. And it's more pleasant to listen to music or talk to your spouse in a quiet car.

The best benefit for damping is usually obtained in vans, minivans and station wagons, where more noise is carried from the larger and open rear end. From the point of view of Autohif, damping reduces resonances in the speaker and car body, compacts the area of the element, and reduces harmful echoes. All of these have positive effects on the important issue for car hifi, i.e. the sound quality.

Installation of speakers and separate sets

Most of the implemented audio updates are so-called OEM installations, where the appearance of the car does not change at all, but better quality speakers are replaced in the original places. Often decent amplifiers and a subwoofer are also added to the system. There are also several different implementation methods for subwoofer installations, many of which are completely imperceptible from the outside. In addition to private individuals, our customers include taxi drivers, transport companies and car dealerships.

Car radio installation

Installation is a simple operation. To make things simple, you need know-how, suitable tools, fittings and adapters according to the make and model of the car, as well as a suitably determined grip. It doesn't take long to install the car stereo, as long as all the accessories are available. Installation can be done by almost anyone who can follow the installation instructions.

In Hifitalo's installation selection

  • Instrument changes even while waiting
  • Replacement of original speakers
  • Installations of amplifiers
  • Bluetooth system additions to original players
  • Subwoofer installations
  • Custom installations
  • Wiring
  • Sound attenuation
  • Reversing camera installations


We offer an installation and adjustment service for Audison signal processors. With the help of the Audison bit Tune measuring equipment, we can adjust the car's sound reproduction to exactly what you want. We adjust time delays, crossover frequencies, equalizers, levels.


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