We offer car hi-fi installations in a professional installation with several years of experience from basic installations to demanding exhibition implementations. Contact us to find the most suitable car hi-fi installations for you. We stock a top-of-the-range selection of instrument adapters, wiring harnesses and speaker adapters for different car models.

Car damping

Sound attenuation is not just a matter of car hi-fi, but a really important feature for travel comfort. It really helps a lot in driving noise, i.e. the sounds of tires, engine and other traffic, which again improves driving comfort quite an incredible amount. The constant noise puts more strain on the person and in a quiet car it is possible to talk on the phone or to a friend.

The best benefit for attenuation is usually obtained in large cars, ie vans, minivans and station wagons, where more noise is carried from the larger rear end, because there is no sound attenuating benches, for example.

In terms of car hi-fi, roughly & generally, attenuation reduces resonances in the speaker and car body, seals the perimeter of the element, and reduces harmful echoes. All of these have a positive effect on the sound quality that is important for car hi-fi.

Installation of speakers and stand-alone kits

Most of the audio upgrades implemented are so-called OEM installations, where the car's appearance does not change at all, but higher-quality speakers are replaced with original ones, and decent amplifiers and often sub-bars are also added to the system. There are also many different implementations for subwoofer installations, many of which are completely inconspicuous. In addition to private individuals, our customers include taxi drivers, transport companies, car shops and so on.

Car radio installation

Installation is a simple operation in itself, but it requires the right tools, the necessary adapters and adapters depending on the make, model and year of the car, as well as a suitably determined, gentle grip (and possibly a hint of violence) on the player. It does not take long to install the car stereo as long as all the necessary accessories are available. It is handled by almost anyone who can follow the instructions.

  • Player changes even while waiting
  • Replacing the original speakers
  • Amplifier installations
  • Additions of Bluetooth systems to the original players
  • Subwoofer installations
  • Custom installations
  • Wiring
  • Sound attenuation
  • Reversing camera installations


31.3. -20% of the working prices below for installation reservations made by now!

Hourly rate 74.90 €
Replace the player with the original
1999 or older 74.90 €
2000-2009 149.9
2009 or later€ 224.90
Car amplifier wiring
1999 or older€ 224.90
2000-2009€ 299.90
2009 or later€ 374.90
Line converter installation during amplifier installation 74.90 €
Audison BitTune hardware adjustment114.90 €
Installing a pair of speakers in their original positions
1999 or older149.90 €
2000-2009€ 224.90
2009 or later€ 299.90
Door attenuation when replacing the speaker 74.90 €
Replace the player with the original 74.90 €
Sub wiring + rein. Installation in a subwoofer housing€ 224.90

Send a message to , from the contact form or call 044 0553 595 and ask for more information or a more detailed offer for the car HiFi installation.

Case study Focal Inside x BMW F30

Focal is known for its home and car hi-fi products around the world. As its latest innovation, Focal has launched the Inside collection, which already covers more than 500 vehicles from various manufacturers.

A good example of a slightly different speaker solution is the BMW. Since the early 2000s, BMW has used the following solution for speaker placement in several of its models: tweeters in mirror triangles, 3 ”broadband in doors, and bass elements under both benches. Right from the prices on the models, there is no disk at all in the mirror triangle, but the broadband on the door also handles the high sounds. This usually sounds like a slightly stale repetition of the upper register as well as inaccurate bass. All elements are on non-standard frames and in this case Focal Inside is a sensible option.

A special brand of Focal Inside speaker installation for the BMW 3 F30 2013 with BMW Hi-Fi


  • Front doors: 1 IS IS 100 100 L separate set
  • Bench subwoofers: 2 pcs ISUB BMW 2 subwoofer
  • Focal damping mat
  • Door damping when changing speakers

The price of the work share is € 598.80

So what does our installer do with that money?

The car will be moved to our well-lit workshop, where the door cartons will be dismantled, the mirror triangles will be opened and the benches will be removed. In addition, the right tools are needed to prevent damage to the door cardboard. After disassembly, the parts are moved to the shelf pending re-insertion. Removing the benches is considerably more laborious, but a task to bring out the benches in the benches.

The doors are then damped. The inner panels of the door are carefully cleaned of grease and dirt and the carpet is spread over as wide an area as possible. It is important to get the carpet properly attached to the damper so that it does not start to come off inside the door. After attenuation, the midrange and treble elements found in the door are replaced. Focal Inside speakers have connectors that fit directly into the car’s original connectors, so you don’t have to start cutting wires. After careful fastening of the elements, it is still ensured that the joints are permanent and that the wires cannot resonate inside the door cardboard. Before installing the door cardboard, replace any broken fastening pins with new ones. The door cardboard is carefully placed in place and it is ensured that the fastening does not damage the door structures.

Replacing the bench bass is indeed a bit more laborious, as often the original speaker is glued to the bowl under the bench. The bowls must first be removed from the car in order to twist the original element out of it. When the element is removed, clean the mounting surface of glue splashes and fasten the new element to the bowl with screws. The new elements with the bowls are put back in place, the connectors are fastened and finally the benches are tightened in place.

Carefully done, this is the project of the day.


We offer installation / adjustment service for Audison signal processors. With our Audison bit Tune measuring equipment, we can tune in to the sound of your car just the way you want it. We adjust e.g. time delays, crossover frequencies, equalizers, levels, etc.

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