With years of experience, we sell and install all audio systems as well as today's camera surveillance systems.

  • Home theater equipment
  • Multi-room systems
  • Public spaces such as restaurants and cafes
  • Industrial properties
  • Surveillance camera equipment 
  • Car hi-fi and show cars 


Are you planning to get a home theater? We design, manufacture and install complete home theater and stereo systems for your home.

The stores are filled with a wide variety of configurations, different looks, sounds and prices. The choice can be really difficult without a deeper understanding of the issue, yet the end result can be unpredictable. We implement the ensembles together with the customer, from the beginning the customer is involved in the design of his home theater.

Home theater is in more and more homes and the installations and speakers are becoming more solid. The electrical work and cabling required by the home theater should be mentioned during construction or renovation. We will implement with you from the first idea! Some want great decorative objects from the speakers, while others even want an inconspicuous solution integrated into the walls! We can do just the design work, just the speakers, the hardware or the complete unit installed in place. And of course ready to use. We offer high-quality amplifiers and instruments from well-known manufacturers for our packages. If desired, we also supply the right kind of cables, video cannons and screens!

Contact us for a discussion or we will visit! Let's design together your very own home theater!

Pictures of our home theater installations:


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